by dr. kimberly kimbrough

Imagine a life with the perfect mate. No lies. No cheating. No excuses. Romantic gestures that fume the air. No waiting by the phone just to see if they called. Phone calls throughout the day, just to say, “I miss you, or I love you.” Romantic walks on the beach. Roses delivered to you, with sweet notes of love. Shopping sprees. Spontaneous, romantic getaways. No lonely nights. Ever! Someone who loves every angle of your human body and knows exactly what to do with it. Someone who listens. Really listens. Not only do they listen, but they make it a point to take action, meeting all your needs and desires. Someone that appreciates EVERYTHING about you, and NEVER complains. I am talking, the whole nine!

If you’ve imagined that, you’re either smiling in a daze, reminiscing about someone who comes close to this, hating on someone who has something like this, licking your lips in expectation of this, having warm feelings on the inside, or you’re just made of stone. In either case, our imagination can take us to places that seem unrealistic at times; a fantasy so to speak.
Now imagine your life at this very hour. What do you notice about your surroundings? The people in your circle? The job you work on? The car you drive? The house/apartment you live in? Your bank account? What’s missing? If you had the power to change anything, would you?

Well, guess what? You do have the power! So often we may measure our power or strength based on the availability of our resources. Thus, if we do not have the resources to make big, major changes, we stay stuck in the middle of mediocre, when we should be trailblazers at the top!

Now, imagine it’s not too late. It is NEVER too late! Follow these helpful tips:

  • Start small, but ALWAYS dream BIG! The bigger the dream, the harder you will work at making it a reality.
  • Start over without starting from scratch. Sometimes, the things we are so quick to throw away, are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.
  • Start moving and stop waiting! We waste time looking for opportunities to come to us. Stop waiting and GO GET IT!!!
  • Start letting your imagination, lead you to your destination! You are destined for Greatness


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