Dr. Kimberly Kimbrough’s Story

Author, Community Leader, Mentor, Educator, a certified Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Trainer (ASIST Trainer) and Motivational Speaker Kimberly D. Kimbrough, founder of There is Life after Life (LAL), had her world turned upside down on June 18, 2017 upon receiving a phone call that her then 19yr old son had taken his own life with a gunshot to the head. Her son suffered from severe depression.

Although parental and family guidance, as well as professional counseling was offered, the 19yr old chose a silent route of escape, suicide.

Suicide has become a way of escape for children and adults of all ages. Suicide and suicidal thoughts don’t attach themselves to a certain name, gender, person of status, rich or privileged challenged, Christian or Non-believers, it, suicide, happens to the best of us.

Dr. Kimberly's Education
  • BS in Professional Writing University of Houston Downtown (2003)
  • ELA 4-8 Letourneau University (2005)
  • Training Women in Righteousness College of Biblical Studies (2011)
  • Christian Leadership College of Biblical Studies (2012)
  • MBA University of Phoenix (2017)
  • EdD (2021)
Dr. Kimberly's Mission

With your help, we can put an end to silence and stop the spread of suicide.

LAL seeks to end the spread of suicide, by restoring life back into the homes of individuals, families, and communities. To bring awareness through educational workshops, empowerment and motivational seminars, community engagement, and mentorship.

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