By Hannah Holmes

the day I was ready to go,
I sat as a witness of this illusion and looked down at what existed as an existence
I didn’t want to be anymore

The Unknown had my mind in chains
Fear began to press down on my shoulders
for my body had grew so restless of these daydreams

Death awaited my arrival
Life sat silent
careless, without answer

my stream of tears turned into heavy waves that could no longer be controlled
I let out screams and Purpose only mocked me
all Frustrations arose
Lost had found me

we raced to the cleansing waters
surely Hope was there
or maybe Reason?

no answers.
to hell with with all

Depression gifted me a razor
Anxiety made the first cut
We smiled for our last family photo

Emptiness trickled down my skin
Loneliness caressed me
My insides grew numb

Responsibilities cried out “where on earth is Time?”

cut after cut, so beautifully chaotic
this was the first time I had ever heard Relief sing

a sad soul submerged in this bottomless sea
a poor product of my environment, because True Love never lived here

Death kissed my forehead and rocked me to sleep
“It looks like nightmare was playing dress up again”


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