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Doctor in Educational Leadership


My conferences are on purpose, with purpose, and designed
with you in mind


Sharing my influential techniques and strategies based on my
proven success

Church Events

I am a non-traditional, non-religious, believer in God, who
speaks the uncompromising truth, based on real life experiences

Non-Profit Events

We aim to spread awareness through crisis coaching for
suicide and other mental health related events

I empower people to transform their setbacks into triumphs.

Author / Speaker / Crisis Coach

My Story

Life has dealt me some hard blows: Teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, sexual abuse, relationship challenges, marriage and divorce, loss of a child, depression, family
battles, parenthood, financial hardships, homelessness, unemployment,
church blindness, physical and emotional abuse, you name it, I can speak
on it. I speak with passion and purpose, from a place that I have personally
experienced throughout my life’s journey. I speak to uplift, encourage,
challenge, and motivate others to discover their true purpose and calling.
Dump the excuses! Face the person in the mirror, and create the best you,
for the next you!

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I thoroughly enjoyed coming to hear you speak. I was due to work that night, but I took off work when I saw the flier with your face on it. You were such a blessing to me. I took what you said and applied the changes to my life. I am so glad I did. The decisions I have made for myself and my girls, has placed me on the right path to success and healing. Thank you so much for being real with me. 

Ashley Decastro

Mentee Coach

“I am reading the book and it is so heart wrenching. Saying sorry is like putting a 1 inch bandage on a 2 ton whale, it won’t heal. I had to stop reading for a minute. I will continue to read. Your writing is awesome and the way you describe with such detail had me scared. When you can feel the author’s pain, you know you have selected great literature. 

Felicia Martin


I wanted to acknowledge you for the work you’ve done to create awareness. My heart is with you and your son. I lost my father to suicide 4 days before my 25th birthday. I’m happy to see you found such a purpose. Thank you for sharing kind words of encouragement. It is people like us who lost loved ones to suicide, who speak out, that allows others to speak and heal. So glad to have met you. I’d love for you to come speak and meet in person.

Jamie Fabroa


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