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The weight of the world, the never ending road blocks, and the seemingly tough decisions to be made, can leave you feeling lifeless. I understand. I have been there. Don’t allow the pressures of life to have the final say. Let me, help you, get back to life! Set up your free consultation today to learn more!

Coaching strategies for finding and understanding your life's purpose

Hands-on course work for reaching your life's goal

Services as a personal or business consultant

Mentoring/Coaching/Christian Counseling

Goal Setting

No goal is too small or large!

Professional Coaching

Let’s discover your life’s purpose in the career world!

Personal Coaching

Relationships. Family. Friends. Self. I’m here to help!

Business Coaching

Strategies for a successful business plan.

Coaching & Counseling services

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Consultation Required
30 minute appointment
Mental Health Counseling
45 minute sessions
Other Counseling
55-minute session for personal or marriage counseling


Consultation Required
30 minute appointment
Goal Setting Services
Price includes 6 one-on-one sessions
Professional/Career Coaching
60 minute sessions
starting @$275

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

I am NOT your everyday, everybody’s coach! Our coaching is based on real life issues, from real life experiences. Our focus is on strategizing and maximizing the best plan to suit your specific needs.

Learn More About Goal Setting

I’m here to help you reach your life’s goal. One on one coaching to help you set, maximize, and reach your life’s goals!

Packages starting at $325 for (6) one-on-one sessions. Consultation is required.

Learn More About Professional Coaching

Still trying to figure out your purpose in the career world? Let me coach you in the right direction! One on one coaching strategies to help you reach your fullest potential.

Packages starting at $275

Learn More About Personal Coaching

Personal issues can stunt growth and delay success! With one on one strategies tailored to fit your personal needs, we can get you back to a healthy life!

Packages starting at $275

Learn More About Business Coaching

As a professional writer, I can coach your business plan into action! Coaching for business letters, business plan, business strategies, tailored to your business needs.

Packages starting at $275

Learn More About Group Coaching

Coaching for groups of 4 or more. We offer team building strategies that bring balance, and promote success for all. 

Seven Steps to a Successful You: Online Course

Seven Steps to a Successful You! Learning the ROPES (Reason, Opportunity, Passion, Equity, Success) This personal/business motivational course was designed with you in mind! Follow our seven-step strategy to becoming a successful you! Our mission is to help you gain lifelong financial stability. 

Online Coaching Resources

Day Dreams

Day Dreams

Day DreamsBy Hannah Holmesthe day I was ready to go, I sat as a witness of this illusion and looked down at what existed as an existenceI didn’t want to be anymore The Unknown had my mind in chainsFear began to press down on my shouldersfor my body had grew so...

Back to Life!

Back to Life!

backto lifeDr. kimberly kimbroughIn the wake of everything that has happened over the past year, hurricanes, flooding, disaster fires, racism, the black lives matter movement, global pandemic, presidency campaigns, winter storms, etc., mental health can become a...

Imagine That

Imagine That

Imaginethatby dr. kimberly kimbroughImagine a life with the perfect mate. No lies. No cheating. No excuses. Romantic gestures that fume the air. No waiting by the phone just to see if they called. Phone calls throughout the day, just to say, “I miss you, or I love...


“I am in awe that he came to you for mentoring. He is very if-y with people, especially spiritual. I thank you for being you and for being real.” – Male Mentee

“After reading the strategies to your motivational educational course, I was like, “Man, I wish I had this a few years ago,” I tell the people I work with all the time that they should stop talking about their passions, and how tired they are about punching a clock, and put their true purpose and passion to use. This is a really good course you have designed. I’m excited to be a part of it.” – Aspiring business owner Jeremy Robinson (Versy Media)

I thoroughly enjoyed coming to hear you speak. I was due to work that night, but I took off work when I saw the flyer with your face on it. You were such a blessing to me. I took what you said and applied the changes to my life. I am so glad I did. The decisions I have made for myself and my girls have placed me on the right path to success and healing. Thank you so much for being real with me. – Ashley Decastro (Mentee Coach)


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