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It’s just being retold

No one is ever fully prepared for the loss of a loved one to suicide. Life after Life is here to be a resource for those who need support before or after losing a loved one.

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Wife, Mother, Spiritual Leader, Author, Community Leader, Mentor, Educator, and Motivational Speaker Kimberly D., founder of There is Life after Life (LAL), had her world turned upside down on June 18, 2017 upon receiving a phone call that her then 19yr old son had taken his own life with a gunshot to the head. Her son suffered from severe depression…

I am Dr. Kimberly Kimbrough-Edwards, the Executive Director of There is Life After Life, Inc. Our organization is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit, that was founded in 2018 to introduce a “circle of life,” educational program for those affected by suicide and/or suicide ideation. We serve individuals and their families, throughout the entire Houston Metropolitan area and beyond. Our sole mission is to reach as many people suffering from mental illness, WORLD-WIDE! Our aim is to cultivate a purpose of living within individuals to get them back thriving in life, with a healthy, mental mindset.

We do this by providing resources such as financial funding/grants/scholarships, mentorship programs, mental illness/grief counseling, life skills for mental stability through educational events and/or workshops/seminars, and by connecting with other similar organizations for community support. We believe our organization can make an impact in the lives of those who may be suffering in silence. 

The known risks to the families we serve, within our communities, are well-documented and include but are not limited to, misuse and abuse of alcohol or other drugs, depression, access to lethal means, association to someone who has died by suicide, bullying, social isolation, chronic disease and disability, and stress resulting from prejudice and discrimination.

Our initiatives support a stimulating economy, promote healthy self-esteem, decrease suicide ideation and/or suicide, reduce social isolation and discrimination, increase leadership development, and educates on suicide prevention and awareness.
Your support is needed. Our organization has need of donations in the form of monetary gifts to include: cash donations, store/business gift cards, visa gift cards, sponsorships, and business supplies for educational workshops. We appreciate your support in helping those who suffer from mental illness as well as those who have lost loved ones to suicide!


Quick Resources

People from all walks of life could be struggling with suicide. Find a quick resource below.

suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the us

in 2018 48,344 died by suicide

in 2018 there was an estimated 1,400,000 suicide attempts

self injury costs the us approx. 65 billion dollars in 2015

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little pirate's daycare

texan ems

the greatest bbq

toys for tots

widow's wish foundation

Abby realty


Our Team MemberS

Meet the team 

Dr. Kimberly Kimbrough-edward


Joann jean

Director of Community Outreach


Director of Marketing & Public Relations


Monthly Blogs

Read our monthly blog for education, inspiration, and support.

Suicide & Awareness Prevention Blog

Suicide & Awareness Prevention Blog

suicideawareness & prevention tipsby dr. kimberly kimbroughSeptember is suicide awareness and prevention month. Today, September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day! As many know, I lost my son to suicide at the tender age of 19. This was the most devastating...

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Imagine That

Imagine That

Imaginethatby dr. kimberly kimbroughImagine a life with the perfect mate. No lies. No cheating. No excuses. Romantic gestures that fume the air. No waiting by the phone just to see if they called. Phone calls throughout the day, just to say, “I miss you, or I love...

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Understanding the Shitholes In Our Lives

Understanding the Shitholes In Our Lives

Back To Lifeunderstanding the shitholes in lifeBY DR. KIMBERLY KIMBROUGHThe word ‘shit’ as defined by Google (2020) is a contemptible or worthless person. It also means to tease or try to deceive. Other words used to describe the term are disgust, anger, or annoyance....

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